Advanced Academic Class for 9th 

(Social Science and English) 1hr

ScienceGenic is proud to offer the Advanced Academic Classroom Program, specifically designed to support students of grades 9th. This program delivers high-quality, in-depth education that prepares students for academic success and future opportunities. Here’s what makes our program exceptional

Specialized Subject Teachers: Our program features highly qualified and specialized teachers for every subject area—Math, Science, Social Studies, and English. These educators bring expert knowledge and passion to the classroom, ensuring students receive exceptional instruction tailored to each subject.

Supervised and Supported Teaching: The Advanced Academic Classroom Program is supervised to maintain teaching quality and effectiveness. Teachers receive ongoing support from the syllabus manager and psychologist to ensure a well-rounded and holistic approach to education.

Integrated Communication Channels: We encourage seamless communication between the syllabus manager, psychologist, and teachers. This collaborative approach ensures a comprehensive learning experience that considers both academic and emotional well-being.

Deep Understanding of Subject Knowledge: Our curriculum goes beyond surface-level learning to provide students with an in-depth understanding of each subject. Through advanced concepts and challenging topics, students develop critical thinking and analytical skills.

Personalized Guidance and Support: Recognizing individual learning styles and needs, we offer personalized guidance to help students excel. Our collaborative team works closely with students to provide targeted support and address any areas for improvement.

Regular Assessments and Feedback: We believe in continuous improvement. Regular assessments help track student progress and provide valuable feedback. This information guides our teaching strategies, ensuring students stay on track and continue to grow.

Parental Engagement: We value open communication with parents and guardians. Through regular updates and feedback, we keep you informed about your child’s progress and involve you in their educational journey.

Empower your 9th grader with the Advanced Academic Classroom Program at ScienceGenic. Enroll today and give your child the opportunity to excel in their studies and develop the skills needed for future success.